Professional specialists
Gulfturk comprises of a team of post-graduate marketing&sales professionals, who specialise in strategic marketing, and sales of real estate.
Multi-disciplinary practice
Gulfturk is a multi-disciplinary practice, which means that we are able to bring a vast range of expertise&experience to turn any challenge into an opportunity. From recommending a new marketing concept to our developers to completely changing the development plan. Its all done in-house, it is the equivalent of having the group of consultants in branding,marketing, sales and conceptualisation teams, who can craft the perfect plan for a smart real estate investment
Being a part of co-creation, our team will treat property as his own.
• Because it delivers the best results for our strategic partners
• Because it delivers the best results for our clients
• Because we have witnessed lots of lessons learned that achieved perfect results
• Because when we take every project as a challenge. It forces us to apply our best effort, it forces us to be creative, and that always produces the best results
- How we work
We start by asking three questions.
• Is the location strategic?
• Is the neighbourhood friendly?
• Is the ROI guaranteed?
- With you, not for you
We approach the work from the perspective of the client not of a marketing and sales entity. With the understanding that we are all working to meet the needs of the target audience, we are able to make decisions that matter. We work with our clients for to meet their expectations, and this principle guides us along the way until we reach the desired result.
- Dedication
For our clients: To offer clients with a quality beneficial experience is our highest attribute
For our partners: To do all what it takes to market, protect their property, image and brand
- Knowledgeable
For our clients: Always impress clients with the valuable information that will act as a light for clients decision
For our partners: Work hand in hand with our partners at a premature stage and provide them with market insights to guarantee easy and swift ROI and present projects that are demanded by the market.
- Trustworthy
For our clients: Gain client trust is a core and it can only be done through communicating the truth and reality in fulltransparency. Moreover our strategic.
For our partners: Our partners investment is as valuable as our investment and their success is our success.
- Honesty
For both our clients and our strategic partners is priceless for our success and growth.